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Why is it especially important to take care of your feet if you have diabetes?
Nerve damage, circulation problems, and infections can cause serious foot problems for people with diabetes. Sometimes nerve damage can deform or misshape your feet, causing pressure points that can turn into blisters, sores, or ulcers. Poor circulation can make these injuries slow to heal. Sometimes this can lead to amputation of a toe, foot, or leg.
  • More than 60% of nontraumatic lower-limb amputations occur in people with diabetes.
  • The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, estimates that in 2011“…one in four Americans will develop foot complications due to their diabetes, and that properly fitted shoes are essential for reducing these risks.” 
Hospital Pharmacy West Can Meet Your Diabetic Footwear Needs!
We are an accredited Dr. Comfort Diabetic/Therapeutic Footwear supplier, and have the ability to perform and provide for you, our patient:
  • Comprehensive foot evaluations and education
  • Accommodative shoes from the Dr. Comfort Footwear Collection
    • This collection ranges from the new line of men’s dress shoes, diabetic slippers and walking shoes, to steel-toed boots!
    • Many great new colors and styles designed for the diabetic foot (see the photo gallery below for examples)
    • We also retail in compression socks and hosiery
    • Customized inserts built from foam impressions of foot, with additional modifications made as necessary. (see photo gallery below)
    • These modifications range from a heavier durometer for patients weighting 200 pounds or more; Off-loading or relieving pressure from certain points of foot; Metatarsal pads; Heel raises/cups; as well as shoe preps for leg braces and complete sole lifts
  • Heat moldable inserts to ensure proper fit and total foot contact.
  • A complete collection of ancillary products, such as Compression Wear (socks, calf sleeves and ulcer care kits, with compression levels up to 30-40 mmHg), as well as other OTC gel inserts and hosiery. 
In addition to these new products and services, we would also like the opportunity to provide you with your Medicare reimbursed diabetic shoes.  
If you have both Medicare and diabetes, this may qualify your for a free pair of these shoes, along with three pairs of inserts! 
In an effort to limit future amputations and other complications associated with diabetes, Medicare is providing a unique “preventative” program, of which Hospital Pharmacy West is now taking part in!  If you qualify, we will be able to provide the above services, as well as one pair of diabetic shoes and three inserts, at no cost to you! Medicare allows this benefit once every calendar year, so make sure to schedule your 2016 appointment soon!

For more information, or to set-up a no-cost evaluation, please contact Mandolyn Meyer.  She will be happy to explain in more depth our Diabetic Footwear, and how we can work together to provide you with best possible footcare!

Schedule an appointment today!
Call (307) 673-3188, or email shoes@hpwest.org to set up a no-cost evaluation and custom fitting for Diabetic and Accommodative Footwear! 

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